Friday, February 20, 2009

A week of LOVAHS Spring is in the Air


What a week at the Roadhouse! Sharlett had a wonderful open house and her art has brought a touch of whimsy to the restaurant and the inn. Beautiful flowers are blooming all around the restaurant!

Thank you everyone for coming out to celebrate Love this last weekend. It was great to see everyone, and meet so many new guests. For us at the Roadhouse we broke records! I am particularly proud of all our staff and how they are stepping up to all of my expectations. We have made some fast changes in the dining room and they are all embracing the new procedures. The noticeable items are candles on the tables in the evening, and large carafes of lemon water on the tables.

The kitchen has been humming along we have Judy joining us this week for her internship we are hoping she will become a permanent part of our family. On the front we brought on Brad and he has become an immediate positive energy! Soon in the kitchen Danny will be helping us bring our soups, sandwiches and egg dishes up to the next level. He made Carrie a beautiful french style omelet, fluffy perfectly cooked, Danny will be an amazing addition to our kitchen. He will be simmering in the kitchen in a week-so look for some exciting new soups, and egg dishes. No pressure Danny :)

So what next at the Roadhouse! Well I have been working with Maria our Pastry Princess to develop some excellent pastry's that are breakfast related, a hint I see Giant Cinnamon rolls in our near future. We are also working on adding bite sized desserts to our regular menu. Our most exciting addition is the new rolls that Maria is making for the restaurant! Soft, warm, homemade!! Yummy!!

Our main farmer Emily, from Full Circle Farm has just informed us that the ground has been broken, tractor's are working and the seeds have hit the dirt!! Now that is something to celebrate. We are featuring some of the ozette potatoes this weekend-these are considered an indigenous potato dating back to the Indian tribes of The Olympic peninsula. These are an excellent addition to our specials.

Matt made an amazing Duck feature with a pomegranate sauce! Wow I think that we have developed a dish that will run up against the Duck and Berry.

The kids in the Valley have been out of school this week. Lucky them-we have seen some kid's coming out with grand parents, great grand parents, dad's with sons for boy's night out! As always we welcome you and your family to come for any reason-it has been great to see everyone enjoy the week off and enjoy our lunch, dinner and our breakfast!

Chef Kevin and I are diligently working on expanding our weekend Breakfast menu. I see waffles, more omelette's, breakfast sandwiches, don't forget the over sized cinnamon rolls.

Now that the sun is shining! Make your way to our House, soon to be your House

The Fall City Roadhouse. We will save you the best seat in the house!!

Chef Cameon and the FCR family!

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