Friday, July 24, 2009

New Menu and Corn!!

Hi Y'all! Menu change is official as of last night-now don't worry we still have many of the favorites such as our Reuben, Fall City dip, and of course our burger's with my grandma's homemade pickles! There are just some particularly scrumpdillyicous additions such as; The Buffalo chicken Burger-smothered in our spiked chili sauce, with crumbled blue cheese, fresh lettuce from valley farms, blue cheese for dipping and crisp fresh fries! Or The BLTA croissant-toasted buttery croissant slathered with mayonnaise, valley lettuces, peppered bacon, vine-ripened tomatoes (when we have tomatoes from the farm this one will be even better-imagine the juice's of an heirloom tomato running down your chin! Now that screams summer-when I was a kid we called this an over the sink sandwich so the juices can be washed down the sink)ok back to the sandwich-we put fresh avocado, served with fries....a ..... YUMMMY!!

Chicken and Prosciutto Baguette-grilled chicken breast with fresh basil, prosciutto, arugula, tomato and provolone melted all over the prosciutto-don't forget the smackle of mayonnaise!

Now we move to dinner-

We have the Duck and Berry-boneless duck breast seared to puuuurrfection, topped with a marion-berry and blueberry demi-glace, our wonderful mashed potatoes and farm fresh veggies

1/2 rack pork ribs, or a full rack if you want-yes that is right-we are serving up the ribs every night!! We are slow cooking these ribs for 8 hours and then slapping on our Jack Daniels bbq sauce served with our famous country slaw, and mashers

Baked chicken Ricotta-tender boneless chicken breast stuffed with a variety of greens, ricotta cheese, manchego cheese, boursin baked to puuuurfection and then topped with our lightly cream tomato sauce and fresh basil, roasted potatoes and valley veggies

Portobello Croissant Sandwich lightly marinated mushroom, lettuce, tomato, roasted pepper, our pesto, provolone-over the moon good!

fish taco's at lunch! Veggie Risotto with english peas from Full circle Farm!

Busy busy bee's we are at the Roadhouse

So come on in and Check it out!

Especially with these hotter day's coming-why cook and make your house all hot-come see us and let me do the cooking, and have someone serve you scrumpdillyicous smackerlings!

Chef Cameon and the FCR family