Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, Amazing how time will fly when you are having fun! Yes fun at the Fall City Roadhouse!!

We are gearing up for the new season. Celebrating the beginning of Spring! You should see the Cherrie blossoms along the river! Soon it will be snowing pink petals!

Tomorrow is Easter our first Big Breakfast day! We are all very excited to see all of you tomorrow!

Our menu's have just been updated on-line so if you have a moment check out the changes, we will have more to come as our beautiful Valley begins to burst with produce.

Chef Cameon has many items on her plate in the next couple of weeks. Our new artist Miska's open house is this Thursday! On the 23rd she is the guest chef for The Art of Dining for the Woman's Funding Alliance. Meetings with Fall City Farms this Wednesday about plantings!

We have started hiring new staff, Brad and Greg are both a wonderful addition to our Family! Sam will be starting in the kitchen soon. Our fabulous friend Judy from Tree house point has joined our kitchen. We are working on our new dessert menu and this weekend we are testing out The sticky Toffee pudding, Chef Maria has really gone over the top on this one. Sadly we have put the twinkie to rest. Some of our regulars are forming a support group.

Asparagus is starting to arrive from Eastern Washington thanks to our friend Jay at the Farmhouse market! Rhubarb, sun chokes, celery root, sea scallops, fresh baked baguettes!

Phew-so many exciting things happening!

These last couple of weeks many of you have told us your story's of the Colonial Inn-it is helping Chef Cameon understand many of the details of the building. So much history-all in one place!
Speaking of Halibut! Those of you who have been missing our Seared Alaskan Halibut with the pancetta thyme broth-you are in luck we are just day's away from having your favorite dish!

So these are just some samplings of all the activity at The Big House, The Fall City Roadhouse. Our House, Is your House.

Come check out the Valley, stay awhile, Relax, breath in the fresh air, become part of our Family!

See y'all soon!
Chef Cameon and the FCR Family!