Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am going to Jail!@!!

Ok, so this is pretty last minute-but I am going to Jail tomorrow!!

I have never been to Jail-and to be honest I am freaking out! Ok before you all think I am crazy-which to be honest I am-but before you all really start to send the padded wagon. The cop’s are coming to get me tomorrow because I have not raised my bail for MDA. I have to get back to the restaurant because of many reasons-

Thursday is kid’s eat free night
WE are getting ready for Valentine’s and I am the CHEF!!
The KIDS need all our help

So even I know everyone has their hand out right now-but SERIOUSLY I can not be away from the restaurant. Plus I have never been to Jail-and I have heard that dropping the soap could be a problem. Do they have Vodka in Jail? This could be a really bad day-and I have only raised 20 dollars so far.

So follow the link below-even if it is just to laugh at the fact that I am in JAIL!

all the donations go directly to local KIDS
Thank you in Advance!
If I have any luck I will see you soon at The Roadhouse!
Chef Cameon Orel
The Fall City Roadhouse
425 222 4800

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