Friday, July 24, 2009

New Menu and Corn!!

Hi Y'all! Menu change is official as of last night-now don't worry we still have many of the favorites such as our Reuben, Fall City dip, and of course our burger's with my grandma's homemade pickles! There are just some particularly scrumpdillyicous additions such as; The Buffalo chicken Burger-smothered in our spiked chili sauce, with crumbled blue cheese, fresh lettuce from valley farms, blue cheese for dipping and crisp fresh fries! Or The BLTA croissant-toasted buttery croissant slathered with mayonnaise, valley lettuces, peppered bacon, vine-ripened tomatoes (when we have tomatoes from the farm this one will be even better-imagine the juice's of an heirloom tomato running down your chin! Now that screams summer-when I was a kid we called this an over the sink sandwich so the juices can be washed down the sink)ok back to the sandwich-we put fresh avocado, served with fries....a ..... YUMMMY!!

Chicken and Prosciutto Baguette-grilled chicken breast with fresh basil, prosciutto, arugula, tomato and provolone melted all over the prosciutto-don't forget the smackle of mayonnaise!

Now we move to dinner-

We have the Duck and Berry-boneless duck breast seared to puuuurrfection, topped with a marion-berry and blueberry demi-glace, our wonderful mashed potatoes and farm fresh veggies

1/2 rack pork ribs, or a full rack if you want-yes that is right-we are serving up the ribs every night!! We are slow cooking these ribs for 8 hours and then slapping on our Jack Daniels bbq sauce served with our famous country slaw, and mashers

Baked chicken Ricotta-tender boneless chicken breast stuffed with a variety of greens, ricotta cheese, manchego cheese, boursin baked to puuuurfection and then topped with our lightly cream tomato sauce and fresh basil, roasted potatoes and valley veggies

Portobello Croissant Sandwich lightly marinated mushroom, lettuce, tomato, roasted pepper, our pesto, provolone-over the moon good!

fish taco's at lunch! Veggie Risotto with english peas from Full circle Farm!

Busy busy bee's we are at the Roadhouse

So come on in and Check it out!

Especially with these hotter day's coming-why cook and make your house all hot-come see us and let me do the cooking, and have someone serve you scrumpdillyicous smackerlings!

Chef Cameon and the FCR family

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hi all! Summer has hit us, the bounty of all our farmer's hard work is filling the Roadhouse!

Beautiful baby carrots, Rainbow chard, Escarole, baby fennel, zucchini, yellow squash, Bing Cherries!!!! Snap peas so crisp and sweet, young walla walla sweets!

PInch us we think we are dreaming! Driving thru the valley yesterday and seeing the corn literally growing before my eyes!

Strawberry's and family's coming out to pick and enjoy the sun! If you haven't visited us in the last couple of weeks we are featuring a seasonal dessert which will change weekly. Chef Maria is pitting the cherrys for our dessert special that is next in line-stay tuned for her delectable creation.

We are in process of menu changes, I believe our vegetarian friends will be pleased to have several items that they can choose from-our newest risotto can be prepared with our with out chicken it will feature the bounty of the valley. We are also testing out a Portobello Burger, and an appetizer. Chef Cameon has been mixing up several different vegan soups, she just made a Tuscan white bean and Veggie soup that is amazing. Last week we had a Vegan lentil curry that even the meat eaters enjoyed.

Now for the meat lovers, we are featuring baby back pork ribs with Jack daniels bbq sauce, our country slaw and home made rustic potato salad-Now that SCREAMs summertime!!

We are working on new specialty drinks featuring our newest additon to our bar the Island oasis, and Carrie made a watermelon drop that is simply scrumpous! The rocket is beautiful to look at and delicious! Last but not least the Banana Split Shake is creamy goodness with liquor!

We are pulling up to our year anniversary!! So if you have not visited us in the last couple of months come check it out-you will see some new faces, soon to be some new menu items, new daily specials-Prime rib on Sunday's and Monday's, 1/2 price bottled wine on Tuesday, Wednesday is BBQ Chicken!, Thursday is BBQ ribs, Friday is Halibut Tacos, Saturday Succulent Scallops!!!

We are excited and proud of our accomplishments in the last year and thank all of our regulars for supporting us-we would not be able to do all of this without you!

Inspired and Thrilled
Chef Cameon and the FCR family

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our big review!

Short blog note today! We just recieved our review in the Seattle Times!

We have been very busy! And the valley is bursting we are starting to see some wonderful products from our farmers. Also Asparagus from Yakima!!

see you all very soon
Happy Mom's day
Chef Cameon and the FCR family!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, Amazing how time will fly when you are having fun! Yes fun at the Fall City Roadhouse!!

We are gearing up for the new season. Celebrating the beginning of Spring! You should see the Cherrie blossoms along the river! Soon it will be snowing pink petals!

Tomorrow is Easter our first Big Breakfast day! We are all very excited to see all of you tomorrow!

Our menu's have just been updated on-line so if you have a moment check out the changes, we will have more to come as our beautiful Valley begins to burst with produce.

Chef Cameon has many items on her plate in the next couple of weeks. Our new artist Miska's open house is this Thursday! On the 23rd she is the guest chef for The Art of Dining for the Woman's Funding Alliance. Meetings with Fall City Farms this Wednesday about plantings!

We have started hiring new staff, Brad and Greg are both a wonderful addition to our Family! Sam will be starting in the kitchen soon. Our fabulous friend Judy from Tree house point has joined our kitchen. We are working on our new dessert menu and this weekend we are testing out The sticky Toffee pudding, Chef Maria has really gone over the top on this one. Sadly we have put the twinkie to rest. Some of our regulars are forming a support group.

Asparagus is starting to arrive from Eastern Washington thanks to our friend Jay at the Farmhouse market! Rhubarb, sun chokes, celery root, sea scallops, fresh baked baguettes!

Phew-so many exciting things happening!

These last couple of weeks many of you have told us your story's of the Colonial Inn-it is helping Chef Cameon understand many of the details of the building. So much history-all in one place!
Speaking of Halibut! Those of you who have been missing our Seared Alaskan Halibut with the pancetta thyme broth-you are in luck we are just day's away from having your favorite dish!

So these are just some samplings of all the activity at The Big House, The Fall City Roadhouse. Our House, Is your House.

Come check out the Valley, stay awhile, Relax, breath in the fresh air, become part of our Family!

See y'all soon!
Chef Cameon and the FCR Family!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Slivered Moon, Venus, Reflections!!

Nancy came out to see us this week and brought her camera. Now that it is staying light past 6pm we are enjoying many beautiful sites in the valley! I have added several of you celebrating and gathering in the last week. A mini high school reunion, 35th wedding anniversary, and last night several Birthday's. Next week we will be hosting the end of the basketball season with several of the local teams. If you are thinking about coming in on Sunday afternoon-I suggest a reservation. Remember we have changed out policy and are now accepting reservations for all size party's. Business is good and We hate to have you wait so call and make a reservation any night of the week. The picture is of Venus and The Moon taken from a front booth thru the window with a reflection of our hanging lights. The other picture was taken from outside the restaurant.

See you all soon

Chef Cameon and the FCR family

New Breakfast Menu!

Hello Everyone!
Chef Cameon here-We have just revised the our breakfast menu and exanded the menu selections! We now have Roadhouse made biscuit's and counrtry gravy with your choice of egg's and our housemade breakfast sausage, Try one of our egg's benedicts with creamy hollandaise and our country potatoes. Now here is one for the pancake lovers the banana pancakes are puffy and filled with bananas-and sweet and salt goodness.
We have so many great selections it is hard to choose what to tell you about so you will have to come by The Fall City Roadhouse and try some of the new items!
So put on your shoes, your jeans and your fleece. On your way give us a call to let us know you are coming 425-222-4800 then we can save you a seat!
See you soon at our House soon to be your House the Fall city Roadhouse 4200 Preston Fall City Road SE, Fall City, Wa.
Also we have our Kid's Eat Free tonight after five pm-once again reservations are highly reccomended. We are starting to become a popular destination place for large parties I would just hate to not have a table ready for you.
WE will see you soonChef Cameon OrelFall City Roadhouse425-222-4800
breakfast Saturday's and Sunday from 8am to 12pmChef Cameon and The FCR Family
p.s. great to see all our regulars enjoying the new Breakfast menu and celebrating all kinds of things even just a sunny day!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A week of LOVAHS Spring is in the Air


What a week at the Roadhouse! Sharlett had a wonderful open house and her art has brought a touch of whimsy to the restaurant and the inn. Beautiful flowers are blooming all around the restaurant!

Thank you everyone for coming out to celebrate Love this last weekend. It was great to see everyone, and meet so many new guests. For us at the Roadhouse we broke records! I am particularly proud of all our staff and how they are stepping up to all of my expectations. We have made some fast changes in the dining room and they are all embracing the new procedures. The noticeable items are candles on the tables in the evening, and large carafes of lemon water on the tables.

The kitchen has been humming along we have Judy joining us this week for her internship we are hoping she will become a permanent part of our family. On the front we brought on Brad and he has become an immediate positive energy! Soon in the kitchen Danny will be helping us bring our soups, sandwiches and egg dishes up to the next level. He made Carrie a beautiful french style omelet, fluffy perfectly cooked, Danny will be an amazing addition to our kitchen. He will be simmering in the kitchen in a week-so look for some exciting new soups, and egg dishes. No pressure Danny :)

So what next at the Roadhouse! Well I have been working with Maria our Pastry Princess to develop some excellent pastry's that are breakfast related, a hint I see Giant Cinnamon rolls in our near future. We are also working on adding bite sized desserts to our regular menu. Our most exciting addition is the new rolls that Maria is making for the restaurant! Soft, warm, homemade!! Yummy!!

Our main farmer Emily, from Full Circle Farm has just informed us that the ground has been broken, tractor's are working and the seeds have hit the dirt!! Now that is something to celebrate. We are featuring some of the ozette potatoes this weekend-these are considered an indigenous potato dating back to the Indian tribes of The Olympic peninsula. These are an excellent addition to our specials.

Matt made an amazing Duck feature with a pomegranate sauce! Wow I think that we have developed a dish that will run up against the Duck and Berry.

The kids in the Valley have been out of school this week. Lucky them-we have seen some kid's coming out with grand parents, great grand parents, dad's with sons for boy's night out! As always we welcome you and your family to come for any reason-it has been great to see everyone enjoy the week off and enjoy our lunch, dinner and our breakfast!

Chef Kevin and I are diligently working on expanding our weekend Breakfast menu. I see waffles, more omelette's, breakfast sandwiches, don't forget the over sized cinnamon rolls.

Now that the sun is shining! Make your way to our House, soon to be your House

The Fall City Roadhouse. We will save you the best seat in the house!!

Chef Cameon and the FCR family!