Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Friends and Some Old School Pals

What a beautiful week in Fall City! We had frost and freezing fog in the mornings, and then breaking out to the sunshine thru the rest of the day. Thanks to Farmer Emily we have this great picture of Full Circle Farms, check out their website at they are responsible for making sure we have wonderful rainbow carrots and winter squash to serve. Their CSA program is amazing and I personally enjoy utilizing their dried beans for soups and sauces! Speaking of the farm, Bill stopped by for lunch this week and it was super to put a face with the name!

On Thursday, an old friend from Mercer Island stopped in for our Kid's Eat Free night and a birthday celebration. Darcie you have not change a bit! Happy belated birthday-and we look forward to seeing you on a regular basis! Speaking of high school, Skip Webb made a surprise appearance and catching up was so much fun. He enjoyed our Fish Taco Friday! Tempura fried Alaskan halibut, with chipolte lime sour cream, fresh avocado and a squeeze of lime all on a white corn tortilla for 5 bucks! I personally enjoy them with a bit of Siracha!

Many of you have come this week for the first time. I know I have enjoyed meeting everyone-and your friendly faces and smiles are warming our hearts and our dining room. I have had the pleasure of pouring beers, and wine for several of you. Speaking of wine, we have updated our wine list to feature some new selections. One in particular is 14 hands Cabernet -hints of berry, a slight honey with a soft finish-the great thing about this wine is that only a select few restaurants will be serving from the winery, we are honored to be one of the few.

Chef Kevin and I are bursting at the Chef buttons to be featuring First Run Alaskan King Salmon this week! Once more only a few select restaurants in the area are serving this minimal opening thanks to Dave for securing us our supply!

We have brought back one of our more popular specials The Duck and Berry-we sear the duck breast and render the skin to a crispy goodness, then serve it with a Blueberry port glaze! Match that with some creamy polenta and farm veggies! It pairs perfectly with the new 14 hands Cabernet.

I have so much to talk about, so many things to update I will have to continue this tomorrow! Items of interest-Our open House this Thursday the 29th, our upcoming celebration of our first six months of opening! More talk about our Valentine's specials, future artists we will be featuring!
So come back to the blog soon and check out all we are offering!
But most importantly come see us, we love to have visitors and of course make new friends.
We will see you all soon, and be sure to save you the best seat in the house!

Chef Cameon and The FCR family!

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  1. I love that The FCR has a blog! Cameon, you are moving this wonderful venue in a great direction, and I'm so lucky to be able to watch it happen! Your staff is amazing and the food is exciting and comforting all at the same time. THANK YOU!