Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Welcome one Welcome all!!

Hello everyone from the Roadhouse!!

Exciting day here in Fall City, our blog is getting started!! We are all pretty jazzed about having a place to tell everyone about what is happening at The Roadhouse! Even though it is chilly outside it is warm inside, and we are cookin up a storm. Chef Kevin is holding down the stove today and Victor is back from Hawaii! The blog will be a work in progress, so be sure to link up and check us out as we build our online family!

I would like to invite everyone to join us on Thursday nights and Sunday nights for KIDS EAT FREE!! Yes you heard it here first! We would love to have you bring in your family for dinner enjoy some great cheese from River Valley Ranch, Julie our cheese maker is only a quarter mile away! Everynight we feature a New york steak topped with RVR naughty nelly cheese, chimi-churri sauce, farm fresh vegies, and our country style yukon gold mashers! If you are in the mood for a burger we serve a fresh all natural burger from Oregon-it is a half pounder! Don't miss our pickles Chef Cameon is known for her homemade pickles, the recipe was passed to her from her Grandma Nana, they are a special treat!

We picked up some items from the farm this week. Full Circle Farms is hunkering down for the winter months but still supplying us with winter greens and squash and some of the SWEETEST carrots you can find in the valley!

We just pulled Turkey's out of the oven this morning for our Hot turkey Sandwich and you better hurry to get our famous meatloaf! Maria is working on a new seasonal dessert-Egg nog pot du creme! We are going to garnish it with some candy cane bark (wonderful chocolate with crumbled candy canes!)

So join us soon! Check out our website we look forward to having you join our Family! We will save you a seat!

Chef Cameon and The Fall City Roadhouse Family

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  1. Cameon and Tteam:
    Great to have you up and running with the BLOG. There will be alot to say, muse about and inform, as time passes.
    Best of luck!